A Look At Three of the Best Bulking Supplements Today

Bulking supplements for bodybuildersBulking supplements can help anyone grow muscle fast. Learn about three of the most effective bulking supplements available in the market today.

Bulking up fast is achievable with the aid of bulking supplements. Imagine how easier it becomes for you to get the body you’ve been dreaming of, whether you are planning to join a bodybuilding competition or simply preparing for summer.

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This is not to say that you are taking shortcuts by using bulking supplements. Any bodybuilder worth his salt would tell you there is no replacement for working hard in the gym, as well as maintaining a healthy diet.

But it also does not hurt if you speed up your body’s metabolism so that you can shed more pounds, and build up more muscles with the use of bulking supplements. Likewise, bulking supplements give your body the needed nutrients for protein synthesis. Bulking supplements can also reduce muscle fatigue, enabling you to work longer hours in the gym.

While protein—the important building block for muscle growth – can be sourced from food like poultry, meat, seafood, soy products, eggs, beans, and nuts, it can also be gained from bulking supplements.

What Are The Best Bulking Supplements

It’s unfortunate that many budding gym rats fall for the misconception that bulking supplements are dangerous. Although there are bulking supplements that can cause side effects ranging from less serious ones like changes in sleep pattern to more dangerous effects such as kidney or liver damage, there are still lots of bulking supplements that are effective and 100% safe.

This article lists down three of the best bulking supplements in the market today and explains why they are a cut above the rest.

Anadrole by Crazy Bulk

Anadrole bulking supplement for bodybuildersAnadrole replicates the anabolic properties of one of the most widely used steroids Oxymethalone known also as Anadrol. While it gained strong reviews for its ability to promote muscle growth, Oxymethalone became notorious for its side effects. These include urination problems, diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, rapid weight gain, breast swelling, and nausea. In women, Oxymethalone was found to have caused acne, male pattern baldness, hair growth, and changes in sex drive.

While duplicating the muscle growth quality of Oxymethalone, Anadrole however, won’t cause any of these side effects.

More impressively, Anadrole boosts the production of red blood cells. This leads to the blood increasing its capacity to deliver oxygen to the muscles. The extra oxygen is critical because it causes the muscles to improve its energy production. Thus, bigger muscles are developed.

Anadrole also improves the stamina of the user, so he or she can continue working out even for hours.

This bulking supplement is 100% legal and does not require any prescription. The US FDA has approved it as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. It must be taken orally one to two times a day with meals.

During workout days, you should take it at least 30 minutes before working out. To get the best results, you must use this bulking supplement consistently for a minimum of 2 months.


Opti tribulus supplementOpti-Tribulus comes from the legendary Mediterranean plant. Through the years, the plant has been used to improve athletic performance aside from treatment of different health issues like heart and circulatory problems.

Manufactured and distributed by the respected UK-based sports nutrition company Pharmamuscle, Opti-Tribulus has been proven effective in boosting the testosterone levels in the body. Scientific studies suggest that it is effective in increasing muscle strength and hastening its recovery from an intense workout.

Testosterone is a hormone that is actually common to both men and women, although men tend to produce larger quantities of it. Studies indicate that an average man secretes about 15 times more testosterone than women.

Testosterone is said to boost the muscle’s ability to grow. One research done by experts at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York showed that testosterone can cause as much as 27% improvement in muscle protein synthesis. The study concluded that testosterone has a direct impact on muscle mass growth through the increase of muscle protein synthesis.

Since Opti-Tribulus comes from a natural source, it does not have any side effects. To date, there have been no reported side effects of this bulking supplement. Instead, many satisfied users have been raving about its effectiveness as a muscle building supplement.

To get the best results, it is recommended that you take one capsule of Opti-Tribulus a day.


Ana-gh supplementAna-GH is a safe but equally powerful alternative to Anadrol, with the generic name of Oxymethalone, a synthetic male hormone that increases the levels of erythropoietin in the body. As indicated earlier, it has been used by many bodybuilders through the years to build up muscle mass.

Anadrol was originally intended for the treatment of anemia. It does so by raising the levels of hormone erythropoietin in the body which is involved in red blood cell production.

But there have been a lot of reports on its side effects. Common side effects include difficulty in breathing and swelling of the face, tongue, lips, and throat. Other rare side effects are decreased sexual appetite, swelling in the breast, painful urination, and changes in skin color.

ANA-GH is an equally effective but less risky alternative to Anadrol. Many elite power lifters have relied on this product distributed by HGH.com for building their muscle mass. With its high water retention quality, ANA-GH can protect your joints while you lift heavy weights so you can avoid injuries and sustain your strength training program.

An active ingredient of ANA-GH is the amino acid L-Leucine which is also clinically proven effective in stimulating protein and muscle synthesis.

This product which comes in capsule form can give excellent results in as short as 2 weeks. The product should be used for a minimum of three months. It is recommended that you take eight pills Ana-GH a day.

Try any of these products now and see your muscles grow in as quick as two weeks, as long as you take these bulking supplements religiously.

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